Friday, February 10, 2017

The 30mm Stryker vehicle will be known as the, Dragoon!

Thanks to Ghostmourn for the vid!

Caption from the vid...
The Stryker Family of Vehicles is built on a common chassis, each with a different Mission Equipment Package. There are 18 variants: 11 flat-bottom variants that include the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV), Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (ICVD) Mobile Gun System (MGS), Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV), Mortar Carrier (MC), Commander’s Vehicle (CV), Fire Support Vehicle (FSV), Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV), Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV), Anti-tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Vehicle and Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV); and seven Double-V-Hull (DVH) variants for the following: ICV, CV, MEV, MC, ATGM, FSV and ESV.
The 30 mm cannon was integrated on the Stryker ICV platform to meet emerging operational requirements and to improve lethality. The upgraded Stryker vehicle will be known as the, Dragoon, the name of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. With the further integration of Engineering Change Proposal 1 providing greater horsepower and electrical output, along with a more robust suspension and in-vehicle network, the Stryker will be an even more capable platform. 
Once again while the Marine Corps talks, the US Army is getting shit into the field.

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