Monday, March 20, 2017

Blast from the past....We don't promise you a rose garden...

Remember the iconic poster above?  It was during an earlier time when the US was in turmoil, facing social change.  The Marine Corps stayed true to its values.

tried to find a clear, large pic but failed...forgive the fuzziness...

Leadership understood that women wanted a challenge too.

Did they coddle them or bow head?  No.  They offered membership into the tribe if they proved themselves worthy.  The Corps WAS selective.  It was small, yet elite and the envy of others around the world.

The message was the same as it always was but tailored to the new world while not surrendering ourselves to it, we are the must prove yourself worthy...we don't need you if you don't want to be a part of the tribe with every fiber of your being.  Check out the poster below.

We build men and women of character but we should never coddle snow flakes, agenda driven monsters, fifth column elements that have wormed their way into the Corps or crows that have stayed beyond their expiration date.

The latest Marine Corps commercials are a travesty.  The Marine Corps is about winning battles, not building schools or acting as a globe trotting meals on wheels service.  If leadership is no longer about being tough and proud of it then its time for some retirements.

What commercials?  Can't find them on YouTube but I've seen them on the telly.  Pure 100% snowflake, liberal, wall punching, even the US Army is making more hardcore commercials than us.. TRASH!  TRY THE FUCK AGAIN HQMC!!!!

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