Monday, March 20, 2017

More on the Marine pic view...

I've read comments on the Marine pic scandal and I'm still pissed.  Below is a my opinion, observations and a small rant....

1.  Task and Purpose Blog has an agenda.  They're a victims advocacy blog that came out of nowhere.

2.  I'm getting  the smell of a coordinated hit job on the Marine Corps.   The entire news media was primed and ready to run with this story.  Notice that it was front page news for several days?  I truly believe that this was coordinated as part of the liberal agenda to "resist" Trump.

3.  I wonder how involved the USMC leadership was involved in this.  Have you seen the latest Marine Corps commercials?  They're so pussified they make me want to puke.

4.  The male on male sexual assault numbers are juiced beyond recognition.  If true then the USMC has a higher rate of male on male sexual assault than the general population.  How is that possible???  The fact that those numbers are accepted at face value is puzzling.  The fact that leadership hasn't pushed back is stunning.  We'll talk more on this on the podcast.

5.  The issue with the women victims is curious,  I have a few active Marine SNCO's and Officer's that keep me in the loop.  If they heard of an assault they would act forcefully to punish the guilty and protect the weak.  Did the victims give the system a chance to work?

6.  Many readers are quick to condemn the Marines and curse the Marine Corps.  To those that do.  Fuck you.  The Marine Corps has one job.  To protect the nation.  We do that by killing the nation's enemies.  Get over yourselves.  Social experiments whether RACIAL (yeah I'm a black guy saying this) or sexual (meaning gays in the military or females in combat) that take away from our primary job is a recipe for the destruction of our nation.

7.  Mini Rant Over.

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