Wednesday, March 22, 2017

US Army training to drink every other service's milkshake...

via Defense News.
The Army is creating an experimental combat unit to develop new tactics for lethally fast-paced future battlefields. The Multi-Domain Task Force will be “a relatively small organization…1,500 or so troops,” the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, told the Future of Warfare conference here this morning. While small, it will have capabilities not found in the building block of today’s Army, the 4,000-strong brigade. “That organization will be capable of space, cyber, maritime, air, and ground warfare,” he said, extending its reach into all domains of military operations to support the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

“It’s got a bunch of capabilities, and that’s what we’re going to play with to figure out what’s the right mix,” Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, the deputy chief of staff for operations (G-3/5/7), told reporters at last week’s Association of the US Army conference. “It’s got some aviation. It’s got some maneuver. It’s got signal. It’s got cyber.” In English, that means it has helicopters, infantry and/or tanks, communications troops, and technical troops to protect (and perhaps attack) computer networks. By contrast, a typical Army brigade today, a much larger formation, has maneuver and signal, but no helicopters or hackers.
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Make no mistake about it boys and girls.  That's not a supporting force they're talking about building.  That's a replacement force for Marines and something that will quickly evolve into a supported force.

Make no mistake about it.

By the time the Army is finished tinkering with this thing what you're gonna see is their version of the MEU.  While we're playing with this Distributed Operations and small unit silliness, the Army is gonna reinvent the MEU, maybe go with my idea of making it Enhanced (Reinforced if you like) and they're gonna offer it to Combatant Commanders.

When we offer Expeditionary Rifle Squads the Army is gonna have a "Multi-Spectrum Combined Arms Team" ready to go.  They'll holler about needing transport and suddenly our Gators will be retasked to transporting Army Dawgs to a hotspot to do OUR FUCKING MISSION SET!


The Army is about to drink our milkshake!

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