Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maritime Support Vessel???

Major Hat Tip to Leesea.


Added: Nov 16, 2012 8:28 amMilitary Sealift Command (MSC) requests a US flagged vessel which shall function as a Maritime Support Vessel (MSV). The vessel shall serve host to fifty (50) sponsor personnel with the ability to surge an additional one hundred fifty-nine (159) personnel, for a total of two hundred nine (209) sponsor personnel, within twenty-four (24) hours notice. Please see attached for more information. NOTE: This requirement was synopsized, and a draft solicitation was posted, under Solicitation Number N00033-12-R-2015.
Military Sealift Command is looking for a MSV?  First I heard of this.  The surge number of personnel is curious too.  Specifically one hundred fifty-nine?

Interesting.  I assumed that the USS Ponce experiment was a failure, now that is all but confirmed.  But why it failed is beyond me.  If I were to guess I would think it had to do with accommodations for the Special Ops Personnel.  Either way this bears watching.  Are we being setup for a modded JHSV?  I just don't know.

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  1. goto MSC website Special Mission Ships PM2. MSC has been chartering OSVs to support NSW and other commands for decades.
    This is not an AFSB (the Navy is still scratching its butt about what an AFSB is to be). This is a NSW lift and support ship kicked up several nothces.

    It remains to be seen which ships will be bid in much less what can be awarded?
    Someone has to have big checkbook.

    As good and capable as JHSVs are they can NOT meet the rqmts of this RFP. Bring an even bigger checkbook when the USN starts issuing change orders to Austal.

    Download the RFP and read the C section just of part of the rqmts.


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