Friday, October 11, 2013

Japanese Maneuver Combat Vehicle Vid.

Damn!  That's one beast of a vehicle!  I like it.


  1. Looks good, but damn if I can't hear that things suspension screaming due to the weight.

  2. One should actually feel sorry for the JGSDF because this thing is a replacement for the Type 74 tank. Yup, the JGSDF is replacing a tank with a wheeled combat vehicle. In addition, there is a troop cutback on JGSDF too.

    While Japan's defense budget is increasing at a slow pace, the JMSDF is massively expanding at the expense of the JASDF and the JGSDF, because more money for JMSDF means less for the other two services.

    1. that sucks.

      the JGSDF can't even fully replace their 1960s era rifle.

  3. I note French tyres on it too, sort of appropriate. This is actually a shade bigger than the Centauro. No tank substitute for certain, better though Stryker MGS idea which is poor. If Japan comes to blows with China it will be at sea and in the air their land forces are more a tick in the defense box against possible incursions by Chinese light forces on to the home islands. And the latter possibility is very remote indeed. We Brits need something like the French Sphinx which is lighter so more Third World friendly.


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