Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brazil moving forward with their VBR-MR 8x8.

The Brazilian army received four responses to its Request for Proposals (RFP) corresponding to the plan of acquisition of weapons systems, including 105 mm cannons aimed at car recognition 8 × 8 that are part of VBR-MR program (Armored Car Recognition Middle-wheels).
This is the CMI Defence, OTO Melara, Denel Land Systems and China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO).Responses to the RFP issued in November of last year were delivered on Monday. The goal is to acquire a prototype of this system with the option of ordering a pilot batch of 13 sets. The negotiations conducted by the Army Material Officers may open the door to an order involving more than 100 units of the system.
The requirements include, besides the cannon 105 mm high pressure main gun, machine gun caliber 7.62 x 51 mm, 76 mm grenade launchers, fire control systems and electro-optical, provisions for communications systems, command and control.
Brazil has developed and put into service its 6x6 Wheeled IFV and its evolutionary 8x8 Wheeled IFV before the USMC awards a contract for production of the ACV.

And that's assuming there are no more delays.

Even more depressing?

The Brazilians are developing a true family of vehicles.  They will have a base model sporting 50 caliber machine guns in RWS mounts, a manned/unmanned 30mm cannon version, a 105mm recon variant and the usual ambulance, command/control, recovery, and engineer models.


  1. Soloman sir, have you seen this:

    "infrastructure devlopment" ;)

  2. Let's be honest, it was IVECO that designed the basic vehicle off of the SuperAV and setup a production line in Brazil. Still the fact they have opened up a production line and they are rolling off the production line since the award in 2009 and testing in 2011 is impressive.

    Our military-industrial complex and the legal restrictions are suited towards developing, testing and producing platforms over the course of 30+ years. We need to start embracing the adapting off-the-shelf designs that can evolve with improvements in armor/weapons/sensors over their service life. But that would require an industry that is smaller rather than massive jobs programs that they are AND a Congress with smarts to reform the legislative red tape who are willing to see it thru. I have doubts about either of those happening.

  3. Last thing I read about the guarani, was about the torc30 turret they manage to install. Nice to know they keep doing improvements on it even with our current situation.

    Off topic :

  4. I have not been a fan of Italian military vehicles, but recently several IVECO products are rather impressive.

    -The Superav mentioned many times before.

    -The B1 Centauro, used among others by the US as a baseline when developing 'Striker Mobil Gun System' and arguably a better vehicle,.

    - The CLV Panther, which must be rather good when you see how many nations ordered it.

    I would be interested to know how much input the Italian Armed Forces have had in developing these vehicles and how their programs are structured , since they seem to be rather successful.

  5. An excellent piece of news. As regards both Seychelles and Maldives, better under Indian influence rather than under Chinese. Next country being Sri Lanka with its new Leadership.


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