Thursday, May 17, 2018

UK to cut its buy of F-35s? This story will not go more background info on top level discussions!

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Via Telegraph.
The British Government is committed to buying 138 F-35 fighter aircraft from US manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has so far bought 48 aircraft at a cost of £9.1 billion but is now reconsidering its pledge to buy a further 90 F-35s. 

Instead, the Telegraph understands it is looking at purchasing Eurofighter jets, made by a European consortium that includes the UK. The European manufactured jets are currently, on best estimates, about half the price of an F-35.

Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, is publishing a defence review in July, which may cast doubt on the affordability of the further 90 F-35 Lightning II aircraft, the most expensive but technically advanced fighter jet in history.

He has also launched a Combat Aircraft Industrial Strategy, due to report in the summer, which is set to decide the balance of future spending on jet fighters - and whether the UK goes for a predominantly European fighter, despite Brexit, or a US-developed jet.
Story here. 

Something is happening in the UK that bears watching with regard to the F-35. Earlier this week we got a story that the F-35 was gobbling up a huge portion of the UK defense budget. 

As usual the F-35 supporters shot it down.

UK readers that frequent this blog shot it down.

Now we have a story with meat on the bones that the UK Defense Minister, a dude that is a rising political star, is considering cutting the extra buy of planes?

But that's not the real kicker.

The Brits are a tier 1 partner.  They have access to EVERYTHING!  Every ounce of top secret gear in the plane is known to them and they're considering buying more Eurofighters instead of F-35s?

Eyes on the UK military/defense industry folks. 

They're the REAL canary in the coal mine.

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