Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Dr. Phillip Karber on the Russian Way of War (MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!)

Thanks to UTAHBOB62 for the link!!!!

Notes I took from the video (incomplete..gotta watch this again!)

*  Crimea was the Ukrainian "Pearl Harbor"...ordered by Washington to not fight back we'll get it back with sanctions.

*  Crimea was the largest air assault in history.

*  The most lethal Russian weapon is the "agent in charge"...he can be in a hamlet, town or city...he will not be buffed up, lethal looking or even skilled in weapons but he will identify who needs to be neutralized (killed), followed, etc...

*  Russia had a plan for the invasion of Ukraine??!!!!

*  Russian MANPADS forced a change in Ukraine attack helicopter pilot had been shot out of 3 planes in one day!

*  Contested air space is a hallmark of this fight.  Army Aviation must fight as part of the combined arms force, not independently...additionally ground forces must expect aerial attack AND must learn to rely on fires other than those delivered by air!

*  The author saw Russian UAVs and 10 minutes later was subjected to a GRAD strike!

*  Russian IFVs have a compartment for its OWN quad copter

*  Russian Firebomb Drone (thermobaric) is aimed at ammo depots...

*  The US military has pawned off electronic warfare to the air arms...the Russians have it fully integrated into their ground forces....EW should be its own combat is in Russia!

*  Electronic Warfare is king in Ukraine, they've seen VERY LITTLE cyber!

*  Author says if you can't read a map, then get out of the Army!  GPS will be useless.  Radios will be tracked and artillery sent to their location.

*  Russians practice 10-10-10...ten minutes for target acquisition, ten minutes of fire, ten minutes to get the hell out.

*  US Brigades have 10 times the emissions of their Ukrainian counterparts and the Russians were capable of targeting every HQ, Forward Helicopter Base and Supporting Elements with Fires, EW or Special Ops Raids...

*  Russians TARGET ALL EMISSIONS!  Wifi, Networks, Burst transmissions...

*  Russians have a 240mm mortar that can go 3 stories into the earth?

*  Two combat brigades rendered combat ineffective in five minutes by Russian Thermobarics...

*  Artillery as direct fire is making a comeback...

*  Ukraine conducts the largest and longest armored raid in history!!!!

*  Ukraine general stated he didn't have enough forces to defend so he had to attack!

I hope you took the time to watch the video instead of just going off my poorly written notes.  I will watch this again and I hope Marine Corps leadership is watching this too.

The Army might be in trouble but the Marine Corps WILL BE IN A HURT LOCKER FROM HELL if its ever called on to face Russian forces if they follow thru with published planning.

Quite honestly the Marine Corps is too light, too dependent on aviation, too lightly armored and too vulnerable to the Russian way of warfare to last even a day.  Tanks, AAVs, Artillery and LAR needs to be revitalized, reinforced and MODERNIZED to deal with a peer threat.

If Dr Karber is right then we need to do some serious work and quickly...

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