Friday, August 17, 2018

Russia's Poseidon Nuclear Powered, Nuclear Torpedo is being taken EXTREMELY seriously...

via Popular Mechanics.
The world is still processing the sheer awfulness of Russia’s new Poseidon long range torpedo. The multi-megaton weapon, like something from a science fiction film, is designed to attack coastal targets, creating radioactive tsunamis and rendering entire regions uninhabitable. Once thought a possible hoax, we now know Poseidon is very real, prompting the question: How do you stop it?
Story here. 

I've been monitoring open source on this weapon for a couple of weeks and every story becomes a bit more dire.

A few things...

1.  I predicted and have stated over and over that Russia is not the THREAT! As "awful" as this weapon is it's still defensive in nature.  Not a Russia lover but a fact teller.  This is in response to our anti-ballistic missile work. Only a fool would think that competitors would not come up with viable solutions to the problem presented by our work in that field.

2.  Russia has a DEFENSIVE conventional military and a "stay the fuck back" nuclear force.  This weapon should not cause alarm.  It should be looked at maturely and without alarm.

Having said that this thing does have me thinking back to the old Star Trek TV show (the original).  Who remembers this episode?  Doomsday Machine...yeah it was a planet eating monster machine but the similarity are KINDA there!

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