Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Singapore - Malaysia dispute.

via Channel News Asia.
Singapore and its northern neighbour Malaysia are embroiled in a maritime dispute after Malaysia extended its Johor Bahru port limits in a manner which, according to the Singapore government, "encroaches into Singapore's territorial waters off Tuas". 

There have also been 14 intrusions by Malaysian government vessels into Singapore territory in recent weeks, described as "aggressive actions" by Singapore Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on Thursday (Dec 6).

He announced that Singapore would extend its port limits in view of "recent provocative developments".
Story here.

I'm gonna keep an eye on this but won't get excited till I hear about a bunch of F-15's being recalled back to Singapore from Nellis AFB.

Side note.  Did you notice that the Transportation Minister is the one talking about this and not the Defense Chief?  They're working hard to keep this low key.  I would be EXTREMELY surprised to see this escalate but stranger things have happened.

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