Saturday, June 08, 2019

Blast from the past. Battle Of Bogside...

Women preparing petrol bombs during the Battle of the Bogside, 1969.

I'm doing a little internet search because the idea of an insurgency popping up in the US has for some reason been stuck at the back of my brain stem and I can't shake it loose.

That's taken me to various insurgencies going on world wide (trying to exclude those based on Islamic extremist) and what we've seen from a historical perspective.

While I don't think its possible now, I'm starting to get the idea that under the right conditions and with an adversary bold enough to support it (could  crime be considered a form of insurgency?), we could actually see one in the US.

What has me a bit shook is what you see above.  Average citizens, in this case females, filling petrol bombs to be hurled at British forces.

Funny thing though. 

In my short look at things I believe that major urban areas are more vulnerable to this type activity than are rural areas (easier to control small isolated populations...unless they go full bore fighter), while at the same time being better able to cope with events like you see above.

More to come.

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