Monday, October 04, 2021

The British Army can't fulfill it's NATO commitment? MUST READ TWEET THREAD!


The British Army is turning into the US Marine Corps! My prediction? Challenger 3 will be canceled. AJAX? Canned too. Warrior will not be resuscitated. You will start hearing a new emphasis on being light and lethal. Heavy vehicles out (they'll still keep those all terrain vehicles...snow/marshes etc..demand it) and missiles will be the new mantra...along with unmanned vehicles. I'm also guessing that the US Army and British Army will do some type of teaming where they perform the high readiness mission as a joint force and spin it with the idea that it's another step in partnering that other NATO countries should be following.

The rub in all this if I'm right?

British Nationalists should be pissed.  It really looks like they're becoming a HUGE vassal state of the US.  Independent operations seem to be slipping away.  I highly doubt they have the least not right now.

The Brits tied themselves at the hip of the US.  Was this the inevitable outcome?  Will we see a further slide in their capabilities?

IF WE DO SEE A FURTHER SLIDE, then will they continue to be seen as a capable  worthy partner or a liability whose partnership is no longer worth the cost?

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