Sunday, January 23, 2022

We're looking at a Field Army (Reinforced) heading to the border of Ukraine

This is looking massive beyond my wildest expectations. I don't know what part of Ukraine gets hit but if they do then it will be totally destroyed. Micro fragmentation won't do it justice as a description of the destruction.

Sadly I now suspect that diplomacy is off the table for now.  Putin (as a side issue) is gonna make Biden look impotent.

The funny thing?  Well funny sad?

All nations influence elections in other countries.  The accusations about Russia influencing our election was in my opinion dubious. Even if true then what of it?  We do it too.

But this Ukraine issue.

This will have dramatic ramifications for the US on several levels.

*  This action WILL INFLUENCE the midterms.
*  This action will influence other regimes around the globe. From N. Korea, to Iran, to China, and will shatter/shake Europe out of their defense slumber.
*  A successful victory (whether military or diplomatic) will lead to other hostile actions around the globe.

To speak plainly, we could see the Biden agenda meets its death, exploding gas prices from the Middle East and Russia, increased activity against Taiwan, a nuclear Iran which will push Israel to attack and the Republicans regain power.

All this assumes that we don't slip into a great depression caused by the mixture of all of the above along with covid continuing.

The terrible 20's are gonna live up to their name.

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