Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Grisly Aftermath Of An Anti-Tank Missile on a YPR-765


NSFW. Destroyed Dutch owned, Ukrainian operated YPR-765 near Novonikolaevka (held by the Russian 70th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment), Zaporozhiye Front. 15 March 2023
by u/sasha_man123 in DestroyedTanks


Just let me walk to the fight.  This thing was a quick ride to doom (for the folks inside).

I didn't think the Biden Admin or the Pentagon would do this but they're just prolonging this conflict.

Now do you understand why I'm all about turning this thing off? Don't you get it yet?  They feed the "fight for freedom" to the masses while behind closed doors this is all about economics (or so I think).

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