Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Open Comment Post - Where are we at with the war in Ukraine?

 We haven't done this in awhile.  Where are we at with the war in Ukraine?  A few bullet points...

1.  Our aid to Ukraine is unsustainable.  I notice many European readers are attempting to examine the US budget and decide for Americans how much to give, meanwhile they're giving less.

2.  Zelensky's act has played out.  No one likes the pampered princess and his continually asking for more and more seemingly without limit is grating.

3.  Apparently its the "hotness" in the West to ignore every domestic problem and focus on Ukraine only.  They're pushing hard the idea that this is a fight for democracy.  Anyone with a single brain cell knows better.

4.  Mixed reports from the front.  It appears that Ukraine has made it past the first line of defense.  I've seen more than a few reports to indicate as such from various pro-Ukraine X sites.  Haven't seen the usual assessments from British Intel (they've been outfront on alot of this in the past).  Not sure what's actually going on.

5.  The fight is going deep.  Setting up staging points in population centers no longer prevents strikes.  We know Russia is massing loitering drones and cruise missiles.  Ukraine seems to be doing the same.

6.  I miss anything?  Disagree?  Let me know how you see things.

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