Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Naval Aviation & the USAF are our only hope in the Pacific....Navy shipbuilding is OFFICIALLY screwed beyond recognition

Force Design 2030 isn't gonna cut it. Mutli-Domain Brigades or whatever the Army is calling their thing won't either. You can't win sea battles from the shore and you can't hide on islands in this day in age with missiles bigger than houses.

That means its up to Naval Aviation and the USAF.

B-21s?  We definitely need to get those numbers up.  Tactical fighters need to get put back in a box when it comes to naval strike (looking at both services) and a modern A-6E along with a conventional but big payload Air Force bomber need to come online (could the B-1s get modernized to perform the naval strike role?).

The terrible news?

Even if the Navy had every cent they wanted I don't think they would know what to do with it.  If they did I don't think our ship yards could handle the work.

Might be time to tap the S. Koreans on the shoulder, a few European firms too and see what we can buy with few modifications.

We're kinda jacked up.  

No one wants to remember the Bush Jr/Rumsfeld era but the decisions then really helped pave the way for a fucked up Navy.

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