Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Things are not looking good for Ukraine in 2024 (read the entire post)

Medical officer reveals Covid Vaccine related HEART ISSUES skyrocketing in active duty Naval Aviators


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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Looks like SOCOM recaptured the ship seized by Houthi forces...

Saturday, November 25, 2023

"You sit in that hole and pray for the 35th time that day you don't die"

Modern warfare is gonna be hell for the infantry...hell, its gonna be hell for anyone near it. It seems like the only way to have a chance of survival is to be called up when its winding down. There are just too many ways to die with an equal tech force. Naval combat is gonna be even worse. The armoring on modern ships is pathetic. You get hit in this era and you're shark food, with little chance of rescue.

"The day before liberation May 7, 1945 - Shooting on Dam Square - A mother is shot dead behind the carriage of her child - Child is unharmed" Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

America 2023. Do we even deserve to continue?

This is about gentle as I could get to show how absolutely fucked up our cities are. I could show you madness that rivals the stupidity we see in the Middle East. I could show you the insanity of the plague that is rushing in from the south. I could show you the pathetic bastards that are "running" our country. But this will do instead. Harmless? Still batshit crazy to me. The only thing I can wonder is if we're not as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah, and God microfragmented those bitches, then how bad were those freaks?

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Oh you have to check out this post. Dude wants to put Turkey on the target list!

The linkage is using to wave the China flag. I'm really beginning to wonder if they're a threat or just doing what we've done? Additionally this does not pass the smell test. You have the Turk President saying what every other leader in the Middle East and in other parts of the world is saying. You can't put the whole world on the list can you? Ordinarily I'd just think that this is the ramblings of another dude like me...an average joe with an opinion. His working at the Hudson Institute makes me believe that this might be a trial balloon. One thing he does have right. We need to get our troops and nukes out of Turkey. The need for that base has long passed and since everyone has expeditionary in their name then we need to get on our horse and ride out of there.

Portrait of American tanker Sgt. John Parks, 4th Armored Division

Tragic story shared by a defender of Avdiivka

This story is off to me.

SkyNews host is obviously in the pocket of the Hamas terror group

Yeah. The body language says it all. Might as well get fitted for her hajib now.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Maybe ya'll should wear your Carhartt Vests more often...

I think I’ll wear my Carhartt vest more often.
byu/Ser-Jorah-Mormont inTikTokCringe
Not my style but I know many that do. If you're one of those guys then you should wear it more often apparently!

According to Zelensky's Deputy the war could have been over if Ukraine had accepted neutrality...

This explains Boris Johnson's rushed trips to Ukraine. These people really think they're shapers of the world. How arrogant is that!

Force Design 2030 zealots better factor in the idea that Chinese Marines are gonna be conducting assaults against them...

One force design zealot said "I got skin in the game so this is how we're gonna go". I hope that son of a bitch has a few spare body bags and he carries an extra for himself. The Littoral Regiment can't stand up to this. They're gonna get mauled and be at the mercy of an enemy force. Its weird. These fools have dismantled a war winning capability, declared it no longer fashionable, decided that they want to be sailors (although the Navy doesn't appear to give a fuck about recon/counter recon from a fucking beach) and want us to believe that its still capable of offensive action. Meanwhile the Chinese have picked up what we discarded and are gonna evolve it into the monster it is. Mark my words. Historians will look back at this time in the Marine Corps as a low point. The ethos was lost and the USMC became just like every other govt agency. Ineffective/inefficient.

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Hostage exchange has begun. I hope the IDF has them chipped to track their movements and re-capture/kill later!


Wow. Trading straight up criminal scum for an innocent child. The Middle East is fucked. Anyway I hope they have this chic chipped/bio-tagged whatever you call it so they can track her movements and re-capture/kill later.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Where do ya'll think we are with the two wars?

 Hope ya had a good thanksgiving.  Back to talking about our fucked up world.  Where do ya'll think we are with the two wars?


On this one I think we're gonna have a bad winter, restocking mostly on the Russian side (the allies appear tapped out) and some serious soul searching on the Ukrainian side.

Zelensky has gone thru the male generation and they're using women on the frontlines now.  There will probably be some savagery going on but it'll never hit our airwaves because it would conflict with the narrative going on in the West.

Ukraine is supposedly having elections in 2024 so we'll probably see a last gasp effort to bolster Zelensky's chances and to try and eek out a bit more funding but it's all but over for that ... at least from the US.

I'm guessing we'll see peace talks by summer of 2024 at the latest. Biden wants this war off the table as soon as possible.  One last thing.  The Republicans and Democrats supposedly disagree on everything yet on this issue the Republican Party is going against the will of its voters and pushing for more spending.


This one can go any number of ways and I really don't have any idea.  I'm hoping that the hostage exchange will morph into a general ceasefire with the fight going behind the scenes but I doubt it.  The IDF have their fangs dug into the floorboards and they're gonna get who they're chasing.

Hamas had ramped up its propaganda and has the usual idiots doing its bidding in the west.  They fucked up though.  The terror attacks in Dublin will shock the peaceniks (cause they ain't shit in a fight and need the people they consider goons and barbarians to do it for them) and will harden the general publics views on not only immigration but also Islam especially in Europe.

Have you seen the rioting?  Europe is a powder keg and one more assault will see the Europeans getting down right brutal. Alot of innocent Muslims will get caught up in it.  I don't think the govt security forces will be able to contain that anger.

Back on task.  If we're lucky this will wind down soon.  If not we could see a regional war.  I just don't know.

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