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*The enemy wounded were bait.* via Battles And Beers..


*The enemy wounded were bait.*

“One among us was a good killer. He saved a lot of our lives. Psychologically, I believe something was wrong with him; but none of us cared. He was an excellent marksman. Most of us were just conscripts only 6 months into our conscription, but he knew the art of war and how to fight well.

You must understand, the Russian forces back then were not what they used to be, or what they are now. It was very disorganized. This left our Solider to go off on his own sometimes and exact his personal revenge on the Chechens.

I once went with him on one of these individual self-assigned missions. He took with him a marksmans rifle, a smock, and a pork sandwich. We sat on the fourth or fifth floor of an apartment building and observed the street below us.

He moved a table to the edge of a window, and sat down at the end of it in an armchair, while his rifle rested on the table, pointed toward the window. He sat and watched and ate his pork sandwich.

A few hours later, we observed three Chechen fighters exit a building a few blocks down the road and walk toward us. Our Soldier aimed his rifle, still chewing his pork sandwich, and fired.

One of the Chechens fell in the street. A shot to his pelvis. He writhed and squirmed on the wet ground and we could barely make out his moans from where we were.

‘You missed.’ I told him. Meaning that he failed to kill the Chechen. ‘No, wait for the others.’ Our Soldier replied.

I suddenly knew what he meant. The wounded Chechen was bait.

A few moments later, the second Chechen ran into the road with his rifle slung on his back and tried to drag away his wounded comrade. Our Soldier fired again. And again, wounded another Chechen.

He went on like this for weeks, and I never went with him for another individual mission.”

- Alexei Yermolov, Russian Army. First Chechen War. Chechnya, 1995


This interview was conducted by Battles and Beers (TM) Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

A Russian Officer and a Chechen Leader have a brief conversation on the radio...via Battles And Beers Instagram page....

battlesandbeersA Russian Officer and a Chechen Leader have a brief conversation on the radio. The Chechen pleads with him to retreat and save himself and his men.

The Chechen leader called out to a commander (Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Savin, AKA “Alik”), urging him to spare his men from destruction by the well-emplaced Chechens, who were fighting on their home turf.

The mechanized Russian units -staffed mostly by conscripts – were overwhelmed by the rebel fighters, surrounded and begging for reinforcements over the radio. In a last ditch attempt to survive, they were instructed to take civilian hostages in order to try and negotiate with the Chechens.

When soldiers told commanders that the Chechens didn’t care, the command suggested that the troops sneak over to friendly units under cover of darkness.

Within sixty hours, the 1,000 man-strong Maikop Brigade -including Lieutenant Colonel Savin- would be wiped out of existence by the rebels, with only a handful of survivors left to tell the tale.

It is rumored that the two men on the radio were friends during the Soviet-Afghan War.

2S7M Malka 203mm heavy artillery of the Western Military District at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region


VMM-363 (Rein.) conduct forward arming and refueling at Bradshaw Field Training Area, NT, Australia.

Do you realize how much Force Design 2030 relies on being able to hide from enemy fires? How do you setup an EABO and keep from being targeted and destroyed in the middle of a rearming/refueling evolution? Low signature? Being able to hide is a big part of an operating concept? Huge bets are being placed .... I hope for our guys that it works out but damn! Huge bets are being made.

1st Warsaw Armored Brigade Leopard 2 MBT

German Army Drone Unit in action...


I've always been a bit miffed at the thought of hand launched drones. If you're up against an advanced force then they just don't have the range to properly inform you of enemy activity/location in time. By the time you know they're there with hand launched drones you're already getting your grid square removed from the planet. The theory is good, the actual implementation I believe still needs to be worked on. From my chair its just another piece of gear that won't do much good in a big fight.

S. Koreans are messing with the power dynamic in the Pacific...


We've all been sleep on the real issue in the Pacific. We've been so focused on the Chinese that we've ignored the little issue between the S. Koreans and Japanese. Quite honestly that could POTENTIALLY become a major flash point. You can bet your last few dollars that the Japanese will develop the same ... maybe a bit better and the focus on both sides won't be the Chinese but each other. How do you get between two allies that are both about to go full tilt at each other? We're worried about the Chinese blasting our forces but Japan vs. S. Korea could see us in the middle of a huge fight in a telephone booth.

Il-76MD with quieter and more economical Aviadvigatel PS-90 high-bypass turbofan engines.

I know its new and bright and shiny, but it looks good. Don't know if the "if it looks good it is good" thing still applies but this looks good.

North Macedonian Special Ops..."The Wolves"

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