Saturday, September 11, 2021

About that drone strike that the Pentagon was crowing about after the attack on our Marines...


Yeah, it didn't feel right then and now we find it wasn't right. They picked a guy to kill to take the political heat off themselves. Pretty damn depressing. An innocent died for our politics. This sucks. Sucks bad.  Never forget.  This bubba had a wife and that loved him and he got blasted for nothing.

Covid-19 "safety" regulations are facing pushback from populations world wide...we just aren't protesting in the US...

Interesting and confusing times.

Personally I blame the medical community for piss poor messaging and for changing goal posts.  I blame the politicians for handing over public policy to those that aren't elected by the people and ignoring the mental/morale portion of the measures they've enacted.

The economy was shut down for over a year.  It only takes 3 months to develop a lifestyle and people have developed a lifestyle of fear, staying at home, depending on a select few to fill their needs, etc...

Unwinding the societal damage caused by this thing will take at least a decade.

The cure WAS worse than the disease.  Have you noticed the shortages and price increases?  The supply chain is crashed.  Plus you have workers that won't go back to work.

Do I know the answer?  Nope.  But I do know that what's been done hasn't worked and is damaging.  Oh and guess what?  

The world is pissed when it comes to lockdowns and we have ANOTHER variant that is loose in California and heading nationwide.

Covid is the disaster of this era.  This thing could seriously unwind the global economy.

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