Saturday, July 02, 2022

They're still raging at Clarence Thomas

Leopard 2 PL

CTA 40 has a serious issue

Well that kinda explains why we haven't seen a move to this caliber by the US Army or any interest at all in it. Guess its 50mm or bust now. Or....we could go back to the future. In WW2 we had 40mm Bofors that performed well. Modernize the ammo and rock with that. Try something akin to the Israeli Sherman with the 75mm cannon. Or we could just say fuck it and keep rock 30mm. I just don't know. What I do know is that we appear to be stagnating in this area.

No one is paying attention but European farmers are being attacked by their own govt over climate change!

What is this madness! They're shutting down farms to fight climate change? During a supposed food crisis? AMAZING!

Ukrainian troops don't mince words when it comes to what they want from the EU/NATO


Apparently the disease has spread.  First their leader was compelled to beg and harangue the West for more aid (part of the psyops campaign being forced on the citizens) and now the troops are doing it too.

Stop being pussies?

The arrogance is astounding.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Random acts of crime...

I know ya'll love those big cities but get out while you can. It's gonna get worse.

Nature is mental. Poor doggie didn't stand a chance

Your new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy. UPDATE!!!!

Hey all. I posted this because I wanted to see the reaction.  I'm sure all see what's going on here but I had to speak on it.

This "person"(I don't know what its preferred pronoun is) is seeking to troll us.  Whether intentional or not, this individual has made their personal life the story.  

Not their credentials (which to my limited knowledge look impressive enough).

But their personal life.

Think about it like this.

What if this person simply announced that they had just been appointed to this position, posted their resume and kept it moving.

You wouldn't hear a word about it.  If you saw them later you wouldn't care.  They're qualified.  The only thing you would want is for them to do the damn job.

They didn't do that.

Their personal life was more important than the work that they're doing for the nation.

That's telling and unfortunate.

Naval Strike Missile for Australia

Canada is diverting combat vehicles from the factory away from its own troops to Ukraine...

via CBC
Ukraine's long-standing pleas — and prayers — for advanced Western weapons are beginning to be answered as Canada announced Thursday it plans to send dozens of brand-new armoured personnel carriers to the embattled country.

It is part of an overall push by NATO, which has said it will help the eastern European country convert to a modern military kit.

At the conclusion of the NATO leaders summit in Madrid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada is working on finalizing a deal to provide Ukraine with 39 armoured combat support vehicles (ACSVs). They had been destined for the Canadian Army and were in the process of being delivered, but instead will be diverted.


It should be obvious to all.

NATO is at war with Russia.