Sunday, March 05, 2023

A reader got us the answer on Marine Snipers...

 Luckily I have some fantastic readers (a few beyond belief assholes too, but we'll ignore those fuckers for a bit) that are still connected and able to get us information we want and NEED!

This is one of those cases.

A reader of this blog, who I won't stick out by naming him, has found out why the current Sniper School is shutting its doors.

It boils down to the horrendous washout rate.  If you didn't know it Sniper School has a washout rate that's higher than 50%.  I believe its much higher than 50%.  Believe it or not its not the shooting that gets people slammed, its the stalking phase.

But forget me, this is what the reader that won't be named said...

I asked a buddy of mine about this, he said he reached out to some guys at SOI, who will be creating a new Scout Marine course. Some of this is the side-effects have having a terrible washout rate from the Scout Sniper school. I can see it both ways, on one hand it's important to maintain standards. On the other, if your school isn't putting enough training personnel into the force with the capabilities needed, whats the point?

Like the gent said.  Maintaining standards is important, but if you aren't generating enough trained personnel then is the juice worth the squeeze? 

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Russian forces are advancing? I thought we reached a stalemate in this war?

Russell Brand is a beast!

Zr.Ms . Van Amstel, Karel Doorman and Rotterdam, together with units from US, GB & DK are under NL command during Joint Warrior - Joint Viking.

USS Green Bay (LPD 20) Conducts LCAC Operations


Our State Dept needs to confront this messaging. China is painting the US as a destructive force on the international stage...basically calling us warmongers...

Forget the truth. Forget perspectives. The US State Dept needs to confront this messaging with a quickness. If this takes hold then the "global order" that so many are fighting so hard to preserve will vanish in the blink of an eye. Forget the elites of foreign nations that we can pay off. If their public begins to believe that we're trouble then any good will is gone.

You ever wonder why some conservatives are fans of Putin? He culturally aligned with their values and is solidly behind them in the culture wars...

The below vid practically says it all. Putin's complaints are the complaints of many conservatives. Add into it the fact that some (myself included) see that the war in Ukraine could have easily been avoided and you have a weird mixture of disdain and support happening all at once.

John Mearsheimer | THE US CREATES CONFLICT FOR THE WORLD (Watch this if you have the guts!!!)

Battles Lost by US Marines

This war is not popular among the US public


A quick ask to Berger, the SMMC & the rest of the FD2030 believers...

 This is a quick ask...damn near a beg to Berger, the SMMC & the rest of the FD2030 believers.

Take a fucking beat.

Clear your fucking heads.


The messaging from day one has been pathetic.  The war cry from your side has been that this will keep the Marine Corps relevant. It appears to be a false promise bordering on an outright lie.

You guys have been so focused on pushing this thing thru that you failed to consider if your planning wouldn't be outrun by tech and current events.

You failed from the start to get buy in from the tribe and only focused on a few people inside your circle to reinforce the "rightness" of your thinking and have tried to silence all that spoke against you.

You mocked and ridiculed storied members of our Corps.  Not retired Senior Enlisted and Officers but Generals that are big time plank owners in this organization.

No one understands it and apparently you guys can't explain it.

Everyone on the outside looking in only see combat power fading rapidly, the Marine Corps being turned into WW2 Coast Watchers and at the same time the fiction that the Marine Corps will still be a crisis response force is being pushed down throats.


Explain it.  Not for our sake but for yours!

PrepaOps for the paratrooper legionnaires of the 2REP, with combat training in an amphibious environment.

Does life every reach a point of mere existence? Is there a point where living no longer makes sense?

This is listed on Twitter under the page "Oddly Terrifying". Does this qualify? At this point is this Buddhist monk suffering instead of living? Has this reached a point where its now inhumane? I almost sense that he's become an oddity instead of living person. I just don't know. What do ya'll think?

Spanish Leopard 2E’s of Troya Company during a training evolution

Poland's 16th Mechanized Division on exercise...

Germany blocks Brazil's sale of armored vehicles. The Ukrainian war is leaving all kinds of openings to China and threatening the vaunted global order.

Open Comment Post. 4 Mar 22


Human rights groups are outraged but I'm convinced that actions like this are required to win the war on crime...


Concerted, focused, and whole of govt action to combat the crime issue is what is necessary.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Reconnaissance Marines load Utility Task Vehicles during GRC

Berger's Marine Corps is totally unrecognizable to what has come before and has thrown away the MAGTF. Tanks? Call on the Army. Heavy Breaching of field fortifications/obstacles? Call on the Army. Snipers? Call on the Army. Attack Helicopters to provide air support? Call on the Army. The New Marine Corps is a butched up recon outfit that is useless outside the Pacific and is available only in select other parts of the world. 

The idea that THIS MARINE CORPS will still act as a force in readiness is a pathetic JOKE! 

Quite honestly at this point it would be better to case the colors and give the Navy the Marine Corps funding to buy more destroyers, aircraft and other gear. The Army can provide landing troops. 

Berger's plan hasn't guaranteed the future of the Marine Corps, instead its an evolutionary dead end.

At least these RECON bubbas can find a new home in a Ranger Battalion.  I imagine the rest of the Marine Corps will be welcomed in one of the 3 remaining services.

Zelensky has lost his fucking mind. Not one cent more for his corrupt ass country. DEFINITELY not ONE American servicemember!