Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Late Open Comment Post. 9 Apr 24


Are you pagans done yet???

 The eclipse has passed and I'm so glad this MADE UP EXCITEMENT is over.

Ya'll do know in 2017 we had one and the only people that were "excited" by it were pagans.  School kids were looking at the damn thing on their papers as part of their science classes but NO ONE was rushing to "viewing areas".

Hate to say it but they just ran another experiment on the American people and so so so many failed.

They invented the hype on this thing.

They did an artificial stimulus to the economy based on one thing ... FOMO or fear of missing out.

Many bit on it.

An event of this type and you have people in tears?  This is the event that shows you how small we are in the universe?

False emoting to please the sun god.

Pagans rejoice.  You got a whole new flock of followers.  The crazy thing?  We're supposed to be at the height of our intellectual and scientific knowledge yet the crowd is moved just cause some freaks on TV that dance when ordered to, told you this was a big deal.

Rant over.  The moon is coming and I know alot of you have to get outside to pay your respects to the moon god.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Seems like one of those recruiting officers that Zelensky has should take this youngsters place...

I blogged about this youngster getting sent to the front. I said it was a disgusting shame. I would hope someone with some juice makes a call to Ukrainians and gets this guy pulled off the line. As bad as seeing women on the frontlines (to me), this is much much worse. I hope he has a guardian angel. I hope someone in power in Ukraine has the BALLS to do the right thing.

Hope ain't high though.

Bad shit happens everyday to good people.

To be actual and factual I'm surprised and pleased to see him still alive.  I hope it stays that way.

This thing probably stinks to high heaven, its meat I wouldn't feed to a dog and I'd be careful eating the plants that sprout up from its return to the earth...


Holy shit.... what cartridge would I realistically need to drop something like this?
byu/StompinShaft inFirearms
I've killed a few sows and piglets with my AR. I think it would get the job done on this beast but I'd have to make sure I had my drum mag installed. If this is real (I believe it is) and not perspective, like most will claim when they see a big animal, then it would rival the famed HOGZILLA (every community has one) lurking near the bayou in my part of the world.


Make sure you have a redneck friend.  They can show you some shit.  Got all the deer meat I can use till next season.  To top that I have a few that actually have pig farms (yeah I'm careful...never make a pig farmer mad...IYKYK) and TRAP wild pigs, pen them, feed them corn for a few months and then butcher them.

Long story short.

Pigs are a pest to farmers.  To those that can properly harvest them they're awesome.

Meat prices are high as hell, but nature can provide if you know/learn how to take advantage.

Sunday rant. Being an American overseas and getting kidnapped don't bring the response it once did.

 Ya know what has me spinning.

Once upon a time if you were an American and you got kidnapped overseas, you would see a full press - all of govt approach to get you home.

The CIA and FBI would be working overdrive to shake the trees. SOCOM would be spooled up and ready to stack bodies.  A USMC Marine Expeditionary Unit would be hovering offshore begging to land and get some.


We don't anymore.  To be even more blunt we can't.

We have so many people from so many war wracked nations around the globe that picked up "dual" citizenship (that needs to be a discussion one day...how the FUCK can you claim to be a citizen of two nations!) that the issue has at least in my mind become clouded.

I'm looking at the war between Hamas and Israel.

We have people from both sides claiming US citizenship as well as being citizens of the warring sides.

Even worse than all of the above?

We have enough issues at home as it is.  Now we're seeing fights from across the water affecting shit at home because of these dual citizens.

Sectarian violence has to follow at some time.

I don't know how ya'll roll but if you ain't seeing flashing warning signs then maybe you need to fix your glasses.

Open Comment Post. 7 Apr 24


Saturday, April 06, 2024

A reader brought up what I think are missed opportunities and unintended consequences of our sanctions on Russia and their current linkage to China...

 Dude posted this on the blog so I feel free to post it for everyone to see instead of it being buried.  I think he brought up some very valid points about the current linkage between Russia and China.

Quite honestly I think the Biden Admin in their arrogance and lack of forethought set the stage for the lineups in the next major war.

via my reader.

Its in China's interest to give the Russians the upper hand, how much of an upper hand is debatable, I think they hope the Russians achieve total victory (as the latest US rant about Chinese providing satellite intel shows).

Most of the blame lies on western leadership. Prior to the war Russia was economically linked to the west, Russians generally liked the west due to common history, also Russia was strategically positioned to choke Chinese access to central asia, has a shitload of resources, has a lot of street cred with nations like India and Vietnam, and has even if kind of shitty, a large pacific fleet with some decent boomers. As Mearsheimer always argued, it was a primordial concern for the west, mainly the US, to bury the hatchet with the Ruskies and work to contain China. It was a very doable endeavour.

Now, 2024, Russian economy is very much linked to China (with nowhere to run), Russians are quite likely very resentful of us westerners (would love some S300V 4 update about it) due to all the moronic hate across europe in early 2022, plus a lot Russian libs fled Russia around that time. Russia still has a shitload of resources which they can sell via land routes to China, land routes we cant interdict, they still have a lot of street cred which will be used against us, and they still have a large fleet with some decent boomers that will either remain neutral or join the chinks. As I always say, I hope the mighty latvian and polish fleets decide to save the day because the campaign difficulty went from moderate to ultra hard.

"Ukraine needs 25 Patriot air defense systems and has informed all its Western partners about it"

Is this how rich parents with a crack head son that's been bought into college feel? Every two weeks that crack head son is calling making new demands and you're wondering if he's even utilizing all that you've sent properly? Notice I said rich parents. A middle income or poor parent would have cut the little bastard off long ago.

Finally Universities are dealing with these puppets, otherwise known as "peaceful" protesters. Vanderbilt kicks one out....we need more of this...

First step to getting America back on track? Reinstitute the rule of law across the board. It shouldn't apply to only certain groups but to all! No more "causes" where lawless is tolerated. We go full tilt boogey back to as much of a "trust" society as we can. The first step. Regain order on the streets. Actions have consequences and those consequences should be severe where warranted.

And now begins the year of fear in the US. Intel Agencies are warning of ISIS or lone wolf attacks ahead of eclipse viewing. YOU FUCKS LET THEM IN SO EAT SHIT ON YOUR WARNINGS!

These bastards created a new terror threat on a daily basis for millions of Americans living in cities and soon in the countryside. You let in MILLIONS of criminals and what the fuck did you son of a bitches expect. EAT SHIT ON YOUR WARNINGS. I'VE BEEN ON ALERT SINCE YOU STARTED THIS CLUSTERFUCK AT THE BORDER (can't convince some friends and loved ones but I think you've got that covered as we head to the election...can't wait to see how you cleanse the Biden admin of culpability though)!

ProTip. Never touch unusual objects in unusual places!

Is this real? Did someone actual rig up a doorbell in the forest and someone was actually silly enough to press it? Tell me this is a gag!

Our Gov, Jeff Landry made a mountain out of NOTHING! He has MUCH MORE IMPORTANT shit to worry about than when LSU comes on the field

I voted for this son of a bitch but he missed the mark bad on this one. I don't know what fucking mob he was playing to, but to come after the LSU Women's Basketball Team and now LSU Football is an idiot move. We got crime. We got unemployed. We got a failing education system. We got bad infrastructure. AND THIS BASTARD FOCUSES ON IF THEY"RE ON THE FIELD FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM? Kick rocks bitch and get to work on the shit I voted for you to fix.

New Russian anti-drone tech....

I want a couple. The distance is kinda short so they need to get those numbers up. Need a few for home defense.

I've heard about thermobaric bombs but now the Russians are rolling out Volumetric detonating bombs????

I'm just sitting here marveling and sending up hopes that Americans are never called to fight on a modern battlefield against a peer foe. Now we're gonna deal with volumetic detonating bombs? Someday all this exotic shit is gonna be mainstream and the hurt is gonna be legion. I'm just waiting for lasers and electrons to be turned on human flesh to see the kill potential there. Frying alive once only involved flames. Now you're gonna be microwaved and stir fried riding in your IFV to the battle. Shit is gonna suck in the future.

Blogger (GCAPTAIN) blames the WEST POINT MAFIA for gutting our naval capabilities...

China smacks down Britain as a rival and/or competitor

Thankfully for the British he didn't even touch on military power. The Brits are gonna have a come to Jesus when it comes to their role/standing on the world stage.