Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Amphibious Assault School hosts Amphibious Combat Vehicle Operator New Equipment Course 1-24....Video by Cpl. Hunter Wagner


The vids of this thing look awesome. The 30mm variant is gonna be nice. Still don't know how this fits in with Force Design 2030 (no rebranding for the FD freaks). Plus I remember the landing in Spain in that soft sand. Totally different than what you see at Pendleton. That soft, fluffy, get your ass stuck sand. Never forget seeing Marines trying to push a Humvee off the beach. Wonder if this vehicle will suffer the same fate. They claim it has the mobility to keep up with an M1 Abrams in broken terrain but I've never seen a video of it actually doing that. In short I have questions of its mobility in rough conditions. Video proof from BAE or the Marine Corps would be appreciated. Don't get me wrong. We won't see it but it would be nice. I wonder if I'm the only one that has doubts about this?

I am stunned and amazed (yeah I'm stupid) at how easily Washington, DC turned Louisiana native House Speaker Johnson into a puppet...


This fucker is a complete sellout.  All the promises about securing the border are forgotten and its all about Ukraine with just a side mention about Israel to try and get the Bible Belt to support this bitch ass supplemental.

The two party system is a joke.

I never REALLY understood the power of the Military Industrial Complex.

They own our govt which is a major part of why the US is continuously at war.

Its bad enough that we have enemies trying to fuck us, but now we have to add the govt to that list?


We're in a hurt locker.  We can't give up but FUCK!

To put it in street terms, how did the US go from being a certified, will fuck you up in a heartbeat shot caller to becoming the world's bitch?  The pussification of America is accelerating.

The tide continues to turn against Biden...


Antonio Brown is batshit crazy.  But even the crazy can get it right (having said that who is actually normal these days...we're all fucked up to a certain extent..).

AB isn't leading on this issue.  It isn't a great revelation on his part. He's simply following the lead.

Black working males have turned on the Democrat party.

I fear its too late but its about fucking time.

Open Comment Post. 17 Apr 24


The Draco Polaris XPEDITION

I've seen some crazy ATV builds. Seen them with tires taller than me (i'm 6'2")...seen them with sound systems that made no sense...seen them over powered and modded to hell with freaking 5.8L engines somehow bootstrapped onto them.

But I've never seen an off road princess like this thing.  Check it out and the price tag that goes with it here.

Just when you thought shit couldn't get any crazier...

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PLAAF H-6N bomber carrying a YJ-21 air-launched ballistic missile.


Warship magazine management is gonna become a serious issue...

 The drone/cruise missile/ballistic missile fight a day or so ago has me wondering.

At what point does warship magazine management become such a major issue that we dedicate Burkes only to the air defense mission?

I personally think we're already there.

I mean think about it.  I the recent engagement you had tactical aircraft participate in the fight.

We all know the history of the US Navy when it comes to getting ships to sea.  Gaps are gonna be there and carriers aren't gonna be everywhere we need them.  The USAF might try hard but that forward deployed concept is dying a death.  A nation already stated that we could not use their bases for operations.  We were only engaging Iran.  Imagine if its China!  A whole slew of nations will bail out.

One Burke for simplicity sake has lets say 100 anti-air missiles.  The Chinese could launch 200 drones (only drones) against every Burke we have.  Add in the 5in gun and the CIWS and you get the point.

The Burke could easily run out of missile protecting itself much less the rest of the fleet.

Scale up the fight appropriately and before you start add in cruise /hypersonic and ballistic missiles and the point crystalizes.

Industrial warfare is here.  Production is now king.  Hyper precision was a luxury and its time is over.

So what happens if the Burkes become ONLY anti-air and lose their multi-mission capability?

If you demand to keep that multi-mission capability how do you manage the ships magazine of missiles?

Do arsenal ships finally make sense in this age of drone warfare?

One thing is certain.  The type of warfare we're engaging in at the moment (things change rapidly) means that we need to get our industrial base up and at a wartime footing.

Open Comment Post. 16 Apr 24

My next generation JLTV.  Concept is that every vehicle has to be a killer on the battlefield and multirole. Anti-Drone/vehicle/tank, some degree of electronic attack to disrupt enemy communications, the ability to transport a section of infantry, the ability to flex into a cargo hauler (trailer would have the same suspension and capable of robust off road maneuver as well as float!) and protect against mines.  Smaller ground force raises the value of every Soldier/Marine which means more capable vehicles are necessary to protect that investment.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Dear Republicans. What happened to securing the border before any more aid?


I can't believe this trash. The House Speaker is from my state and he's proven himself to be just another critter in the swamp. At least the one's we have in the real swamp can be deep fried. Can't do a thing with the one's in the DC swamp. I wonder what a politician that actually has some backbone and can't get bent over by the powers that be in Washington looks like. Apparently he/she would have a spine made of titanium and has the circutry of the terminator cause everyone we send there gets weak as hell. Rant over.

Israel says it has no choice but to strike back....I get it but...


I don't know the background on everything going on but I do know this.

The Biden Admin was caught engaging in back channel negotiations with Iran to get them to reel in the Houthis when they were striking civilian shipping.

Like I said (don't know who the talking head was but to think that Iran has expended its magazine in that paltry attack is laughable) the attack was magnitudes less than what I thought it would be.

Israel is in a tough neighborhood.

The Biden admin doesn't seem to realize it but in certain parts of the world, weakness is provocative.  Words don't mean shit.  Its the fist holding a weapon that have sway.

So I get the IDF saying it has no choice but to strike back.

My question is simple.

When is enough, enough?  What will it take to keep this from turning into a full fledged regional war?

Once again Bibi gives me pause.

Right now they're fighting Hamas.  If they add Iran to the mix then you're adding the Houthis and Hezbollah into the fight too.

WTF happened where we can't control the countries that we prop up?

First Ukraine got off the chain and crazy ass Zelensky started doing shit to expand the war in Europe, now we have crazy ass Bibi doing the same?

I'm a nobody and I can see that this is at the very least strategically stupid.

Why can't they?

Dude got these idiots to chant "death to America" brain dead do you have to be to chant death to yourself?


How brain dead do you have to be to chant death to yourself?

PVC slingshot arrow...

With so many new immigrants coming to our shores we're about to see some different weapons come to the front. Not the usual pistol (majority of the time), rifle (very few), knife (damn near universal) but new shit like slingshots.

We've seen the havoc that machetes are doing in Europe and the UK, but slingshots are a huge weapon for people in certain parts of the world for harvesting game, defense etc...

You add arrows to the mix and you have something hideous.  Check out the pic below...

I don't go NEAR the woods (there are woods then there are woods...IYKYK) during bow season.

These four bladed arrowheads are savage enough but four bladed mechanical arrowheads?  VICIOUS!

I'd rather be shot than hit with one of those things (I don't even know if you could stop the bleeding if hit with one and yeah...they're going thru your vest).

The gangs of thieves from S. America will either stay up north or get rounded up when they head south.  Not so much a worry. Its some of the others that pause me up.

New arrivals equal new dangers but the public ain't talking about it yet.

Ukrainian propaganda to counter the outrage (from only a few) about their women dying in combat..

UA POV: Yelyzaveta, callsign "Mala" ("Baby"), who recently turned 22, serves in Odesa border guard detachment at the front, Mykolaiv region. Baby came to serve as a cynologist. Now she is a shooter in a mobile firing team that hunts down Shahed drones to prevent them from reaching civilians
byu/FruitSila inUkraineRussiaReport

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PIRANHA Heavy Mission Carrier (HMC)

Wow. Did they just bring back the old 10x10 from way back in the day? What's new is old yada yada yada....

Sunday, April 14, 2024

More proof this is over. Iran declares its attack concluded...


Almost a dozen nations involved in shooting down Iranian drones?

I stand by my made for TV drama on this thing.

Think about it.  Somehow someway the allies get enough ships in theater to knock down (along with air power) over 99 percent of the drones and missiles knocked down?

Our allies will not get involved in a war defending Israel (especially with their massive Muslim populations...populations that dwarf the pro-Palestinian/Hamas stuff we're seeing here) that you should know that this thing was decided before it was done.

Iran got their payback.

Israel IS hitting the air waves talking about how they're strong and still here yada yada yada, and the Biden admin can crow about containing the fighting.

This was all theater using real deal flesh and blood humans as the props.

Check out the map below 

Well that was alot of ado about nothing...the missile/cruise strikes were alot lighter than I expected. This is over except a little posturing for the next few days.

 Well that was alot of ado about nothing.

I kinda expected the Iranians to send at least twice as many missiles and drones.  Make no mistake they easily could have.  But the point was to send a message maintain street cred in the Middle East.

This thing is over.

You might see a little posturing but unless Bibi loses his damn mind and retaliates against this baby strike then, yeah, its over.

Don't know why the US is sending the Boxer to the Med.

I guess the President needs to show a strength.

Ya know what irks me the most?  They're doing made for TV dramas that affect real people's lives, that could cost real people their lives etc...

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Not much going on. Just sitting here waiting for the next round to kick off in the Middle East

 Like the title says.  Just waiting for the next round to kick off.

1.  I expect another missile barrage.  Terrible for the people getting hit but strategically kinda measured and just enough to save some Middle East street cred.  Both sides will do some low level barking and then it will be back to the Gaza/Hamas issue.

2.  The hit in Australia is very interesting.  Somehow the whole world including xenophobic Japan got caught in the refugee mess. Things are gonna get sporting with regard to immigrants world wide pretty soon.

3.  I still believe that the whole hype around the eclipse was to try and draw out a radical element to take a swing at a crowd somewhere.  Plenty of summer coming so its gonna happen.  It's probably gonna be bad too.  Too many easy targets.  Schools, hospitals, churches, beaches, malls....this country is just a target rich environment of undefended sheep wandering around focused on their phones instead of their surroundings.

4.  Just for shits and giggles name the one govt institution that is still trusted.  I might be jaded (naw...I AM JADED) but running down the list and its bleak.  The military?  Nope.  Science/Medical? Nope.  FBI/CIA/ATF/DHS?  Nope.  None of our "security forces" inspire confidence.  The rest of the bureaucracy?  Not a chance.  I can't name one govt institution worthy of trust let alone admiration.

That's all I got.  The whining is over.  Gonna workout, do another detail at an event tonight and that's it for the day.

Ya'll have a good one.