Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Elements of Power scores a direct hit on Trimble!

I couldn't decide what video to use.  It was either a direct hit by a bomb on a target or the "Down goes Frazier" vid.

I went with the bomb because Elements of Power scores a direct hit.   He shatters Trimble's latest contribution to the Dark Lord and his merry band of sycophants.

Just joking.

Well sorta.

Anyway here's a tidbit.  Go to his site for the whole thing.
I had a bifurcated response to Steve Trimble’s latest post “The vast bipartisan conspiracy against F-35 & V-22

My first response focused on the use of “Bipartisan”:
In my head I replayed Inigo Montoya: ” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Then I remembered a favorite George Carlin quote: “The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out”

After I really studied Trimble's post, I decided the latter response was most applicable.

Within his post Trimble iterates (Warning: English-English spelling ahead):
“Our review of eight budget reduction proposals by a hodge-podge of centrist, leftist and libertarian think tanks reveals a startling insight: All of them agree that two military aircraft programmes should be terminated or scaled back, and all of them agree those two programmes should be the BellBoeing V-22 and the Lockheed Martin F-35.”

My next thought was someone needed to tell Mr. Trimble that the opposite of ‘leftist’ isn’t ‘libertarian’. Do you see what is missing from that “centrist, leftist and libertarian think tanks” list? That’s right: “Conservative”. If we are talking spectrum of priorities on ‘defense thinking’ conservative is to ‘approve’ as leftist is to ‘disapprove’ as to libertarian is to ‘ambivalent’. [A ‘centrist’ BTW is just voting ‘present’.]
It just gets better from there.  Just a word to the "conspirators" in the APA clubhouse...you know who you are...Sweetman...Horde....Trimble....Cox....many others.....we're all watching and some military bloggers are willing to challenge your spin and lies.

Just a heads up.


  1. "The power and thermal management subsystem is called the Honeywell integrated power package (IPP), and it is currently the reason why no F-35s are flying."

    I guess I know now where Sweetman got this. How reliable is Trimble's info?

  2. i don't really know.

    Trimble is good when he's covering every other subject except the F-35.

    whenever he wanders into that subject area he gets sideways in a hurry. i wish i was still hooked into the little enter party e-mails but whatever the communication method, its obvious to me that the opinions and views of those conversations are leaking into his writing. and if i know what i think i know then those conversations focus almost entirely on the F-35.

    sad state of affairs.


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