Monday, November 14, 2011

JSOW can be internally carried by the F-35.

via Defense

DUBAI: Raytheon Company  has completed a fit check of the Joint Standoff Weapon in the internal carriage bay of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft."The capabilities of the JSF combined with JSOW C-1's ability to precisely engage moving ships at sea from standoff ranges would give the U.S. and coalition warfighter a powerful capability," said Cmdr. Samuel Hanaki, U.S. Navy JSOW deputy program manager.During the fit check, Raytheon technicians loaded a JSOW shape in the JSF's internal carriage bay and conducted a series of tests to prove the bay door could close properly without damaging the aircraft or the weapon."JSOW C-1 is the world's first net-enabled standoff weapon that can engage a moving maritime target," said Phyllis McEnroe, JSOW program director for Raytheon Missile Systems. "With its more than 110 kilometer range (68 statute miles) and tunnel defeat capability, JSOW C-1 will give members of the JSF a critical capability no other weapon can provide."
And that almost makes it a wrap.  The critics will howl but this program has had a pretty spectacular month and half...every negative news story is sounding like desperation from the nay sayers....its just that obvious.  Another F-35 win, more tears and fretting from Typhoon, Rafael and Gripen...and best of all for the allies, a stable, funded and predictable upgrade path for their next multi-role fighter.


  1. Can't wait to see the first LM video of weapon separation tests :) I wonder what the range would be in a Mach 1.6 lob shot?

  2. Lots of work left to do but getting it in there is half the battle. It's probably safe to assume the 6DOF models show that safe separation is possible to even bother with the physical (vs virtual) fit check, so now it's a matter of seeing if the models are correct.


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