Thursday, October 06, 2011

Today in history...

The Yom Kippur War began today...

Who gives a damn if a Marine dies?

No Title

Take a man and put him alone
Put him twelve thousand miles from home
Empty his heart of all but his blood
Make him live in sweat in mud

This is the life I have to live
This the soul to the devil I give
You have your parties and drink your beer
While young men are dying over here

Plant your signs on the white house lawn
"Lets all get out of Vietman"
Use your signs and have your fun
then you refuse to use a gun

There's nothing else for you to do
Then I'm supposed to die for you
There is one thing that you don't know
and thats where I think you should go

I'm already here and it's too late
I've traded all my love just for hate
I'll hate you till the day I die
You made me hear my buddy cry

I saw his leg and his blood shed
then I heard them say "This one's dead"
It was a large price for him to pay
to let you live another day

He had the guts to fight and die
to keep the freedom you live by
By his dying your life he buys
but who gives a damn if a marine dies

~Author Unknown

Found in the pocket of a dead marine – Quang Tri Providence,Vietnam
7 JUNE 1969

Rest in peace Steve Jobs...but remember...

Remember your Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen that are in harms way.

Steve brought you entertainment.

The military is fighting and dying for you.

Give a damn when one of them dies.

F-35B below deck...

and we have to see another one on deck too, right?

The most valuable ships in the fleet are under stress.

The G-man has a write up on the Amphibious Fleet that must be read.  Check it out here but this part is telling...
The amphibious fleet of the US is in high demand because they are the most flexible ships in the US arsenal, but is seen as and is given a low priority by leaders in the US Navy with the total amphibious force now 15% below clearly articulated bare minimum size and 25% below stated requirement size. For whatever reason, both Congress and the DoD are watching the Avondale shipyard that builds amphibious ships go out of business due to lack of work.
What is the plan to address these problems, because all indications are there is no plan.

Defense Review's write up on the SRTV-5

Defense Review has a write up on the SRTV-5 .  Worth checking out.  Read about it here.

K-MAX Quick Reaction Assessment

K-Max is about to deploy.  Late but still good news.  Less trucks, less IED attacks...less injured Marines.

Good stuff.

ArmorWorks Hyena Special Ops Truck.

  • Curb Weight 1,905kg.
  • Payload 907kg.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight 2948kg.
  • Gross Axle Weight (front) 1360kg.
  • Gross Axle Weight (rear) 1360 kg.
  • Length 4.27m
  • Height 1.90m
  • Ground Clearance 0.381m
  • Min. Reduced Height 1.63m
  • Reduced Shipping Cube 4.27m L x 1.88m W
  • Engine Motori VM 2.8 4 inline cylinder C.R.D.  
  • Optional Engine V6 Diesel 3.0L 72 Degree V6 arrangement 370 Ft lbs  
  • Acceleration (0-60mph) est. 10 seconds  
  • Cruising Range 600 or 300 miles (variable 150 litre tanks)  
  • Spring Rate (front) 450 – 600 progressive/wheel  
  • Spring Rate (rear) 450 – 600 progressive/wheel  
  • Troop Seating Capacity to include litter carry 7 personnel or 5 personnel & 2 litters  
  • Weapons carry/mount capability Stand 360 degree ring, 3x180 degree pintals  
  • Sensor suite FLIR & Night Vision Lights Out, Telescopic Mass  
  • On board Pressurized Air System  
  • Rydroboost Brake System  
  • Rydic Steering  
  • TactiCAM camouflage system  
  • 10,000 Winch System (removable to front or back)
DefenseTech and a couple of other websites have the ArmorWorks special ops truck highlighted at the Marine Week expo.

I got curious because I had never seen it.  I knew of ArmorWorks but had no idea that they were working on this type of vehicle.

Mystery solved.

The Hyena is out of the UK branch of ArmorWork, this is good news for them and even better news for that country.  The UK appears to be the new home for specialized special ops vehicles...or they're at least working to carve out that niche.  

F-35 at sea...the takeoff's

Spudman!  My boy...thanks for the heads slammed at work so I'm late to the table...