Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Damn it! I hope this shit isn't true.

Go to CNN to check out this story.  I won't place it here because I'm not going to tarnish all the good stuff done by Marines everyday by a few suspected bad apples.

But I want to hear the service members side of the story before we jump to conclusions.

If they are Marines, then they're in for hell in a handbasket. 

Not an excuse but the enemy does far worse.


Navy SEALs wear similar uniforms to MARPAT(desert).  Again, not spreading blame just pointing this out.


  1. Saw it when I was working out. Always someone doing something stuoid, to ruin the image for the masses. Snipers with Mich helmets....

  2. i hear ya. did you hear the comment by the expert? what military expert calls a sniper rifle a 30 caliber .... i'm not sure but something seems off here....

  3. If they deserved a bullet, a little piss ain't that bad. Haha stay classy 3/2 snipers

  4. Shooting and killing them seems fine, but pissing on them is way out of line? I'm lost here; these are enemies that compete with us to see who can kill the other first. This particular enemy has prevailed (if at all) by sneak attack in cowardly fashion using roadside bombs and other side door tactics. We ask our soldiers to be brave and do the grittiest of work to assure we win. How is this any different than an endzone celebration? Actually, an endzone celebration is inarguably in bad taste in my opinion. This, eh, not so much, it’s just the media sensationalizing it. Once you put it in perspective it's no big deal. The real issue is that this is how our media outlets portray the USMC just to sell commercial time.


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