Sunday, March 11, 2012

Textron's LSAT

Many thanks to William for the vid.


  1. Hmmm. TRL 7. Only 2 steps from being fielded and regarded as 'old hat' You can (and should) have a much higher degree of confidence in TRL levels for systems as simple as these than somehing far more complicated (like a plane, ship, or crewed land systems).
    It'd be cool when and if eventually we could get to caseless and linkless: everything goes down the range.

  2. yeah but the kicker is that i've been following this since at least 2007...and they still won't field it. its got to be the just has to be....

  3. So true. Something that costs even a little bit more has to be more than just a little bit 'better' to justify replacing a viable existing system. Ma Deuce comes to mind as a good example of this effect.

  4. Won't this be the system to replace the M249? I understand they've been looking for a replacement squad weapon for some time, with the current thing being a clip fed weapon, correct? So maybe your right Sol, if the system is all that and more, it comes down to cost. Because the belt fed system is so much better then a clip for full auto warfare.


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