Thursday, August 02, 2012

US Army Combatives goes hard. Pussification halted.

Army Staff Sgt. Glenn Garrison, right, and Army Staff Sgt. Shane Lees grapple during the finals of the lightweight division of the 2012 U.S. Army Combatives Championship on Fort Hood, Texas, July 28, 2012. Garrison, who won the match, is assigned to Fort Carson, Colo. DOD photo by EJ Hersom

That looks like full contact combatives to me.  

US Army Combatives you make this JarHead proud.  YOU GUYS HAVE A COMBATIVE PROGRAM THAT GOES HARD!  No marching out to the back forty to get in some real training and hoping that you have a Corpsman (that's a Medic to you Soldier boys) that lives up to the Devil Doc rep and praying you don't have to explain a black eye that comes from building a little unit cohesion.

This is good shit!


  1. you do know the developer of Modern Army Combatives is a former Marine right? Matt Larsen. My team leader back in L3/5

  2. Ferran. back 40 is a country term meaning the 40 acres at the back of a particular piece of land. usually the worst part of land that no one goes to except to hunt the biggest boar or the deer with the biggest set of antlers. its a OOOLLLLDDDD country saying.

    unknown. didn't know that but it makes me smile. still i'd like to see the Marines go live with its program.


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