Sunday, December 30, 2012



Former President Bush and VP Cheney are sitting in a bar.
A guy walks in and asks the barman,
'Isn't that Bush and Cheney sitting over there?'
The bartender says,
'Yep, that's them.'
So the guy walks over and says,
'Wow, this is a real honour!
What are you guys doing in here?'

Bush says,
'We're planning WW III.'
The guy says, 'Really?
What's going to happen?'

Cheney says,
'Well, we're going to kill 140 million Muslims and one blonde with big tits.'

The guy exclaimed,
'A blonde with big tits?

Why kill a blonde with big tits?'

Cheney turns to Bush and says, 'See, I told you,
no one gives a shit about the 140 million Muslims.


  1. Replies
    1. WAIT. help me out here. i thought the UK had laws against crude jokes over the internet and that you could be fined for reading or sending them?

    2. so you're telling me all the stories that i've read in UK papers about people being prosecuted for hate speech over the internet were false? and since hate speech is really up to whoever you're asking i thought that you guys went ubber pc.

      so yeah. serious.

    3. hate speech, is not acceptable, but jokes, no thats fine.

      you think britain is that draconian? lol, how little you know, britain, is a very tolerant & liberal society.

      much more so than almost anywhere else, the magna carta a document almost 800 years old, laid out, many of the right & customs we have today.

      We have laws, obey them, you'll be left alone.

      Solomon, stop taking the Daily mails word as gospel, it's as bad as watching fox news and thinking obama is satin.

    4. i find you saying that Britain is tolerant as a bit of a joke. you have the most spied on society in the HISTORY of the world. the spying on its citizenry by the govt makes what the communist in the Soviet Union did look like childs play. you can be prosecuted for certain types of speech (even though its offensive it was once free), you cannot own a gun, and yet you still believe that you live in some type of utopian society.

      i'm amused, amazed a bit pissed at your assertion and more determined than ever to make sure it doesn't happen here...even though the President signed another spy on america bill in private.

    5. well, i'll be honest with you, america, has done many things to be ashamed of itself, incarceration, without due process. just introduced into your statutes!! wholesale incarcaration of entire segments of your population, eg, japanese american internment camps, during the second world war. segragation of the blacks, guantanamo bay, can i think of anything else, oh yes, McCarthyism, political freedom is a joke in the u,s.

      quite a rich history of FREEDOM. Freedom to oppress...

    6. that's a false argument. you speak of the past while i speak of the present.

      America is young. AND we have journalist/bloggers that will get at the matter how painful. i wonder what BLACK PROGRAMS the UK is running worldwide? but to get back on point. you speak of the past.

      you guys are entrapped in a society that smacks of being a gilded cage. you have the illusion of freedom but its long since faded.

    7. many of the things i mention are historical, but speak volumes about the depth of your freedoms, i also pointed out 2 things in the last decade, guantanamo & the new law "stating americans can be held, without due process, or time limit. a similar law in the u.k. has a limit of 4 or 5 days, not sure exact time limits

      " incarceration, without due process, or time limit. just introduced into your statutes!!" circa 2011

      guantanamo circa 2001 - till present. imagine spending 12 years in jail without ever being up before a judge. Keeping the prison offshore, denying them, any rights, thats what the USSR did, britain isn't perfect, but, i dont know of anything similar happening in the uk, since the boar war. 30 years before the 1st world war!!!

    8. blogging isn't news reporting, at most, it' could be considered, editorials, or opinion pieces.

    9. Darren1678:

      I know this is in response to a post of yours that is somewhat stale, but pleae bear with me. Regarding tolerance of what you can say in the UK, I refer you to the UK Telegraph of April 29, this year:

      "Elen Humphreys, 25, of Garndolbenmaen, near Porthmadog, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment, after she branded Angela Payne, who had an affair with her father, an “English cow.”...Humphreys was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay Angela Payne £50 in compensation".

      The court in Prestatyn in North Wales heard that Humphreys levelled the insult at Ms Payne when she went to her house in Rhyl to collect some of her father's property and told her : "Leave well alone, you English cow".

  2. cant kill the blonde with big tits, makes for good flotation devices for the navy :), landing craft tit cushion :)

  3. "I thought the UK had laws against crude jokes"

    Our leading tabloid "newspaper" has a photograph of a nearly naked teenager on its third page six days a week. And you think that 7th/8th grader joke would offend. Please! Dude! The 1950s called and want their moral values back. :) ;)

  4. I might surprise you by agreeing with you at least to a point on this one Solomon. In Britain we have laws designed to protect ethnic minorities from verbal abuse/incitement, but I actually think it's better to let morons like the English Defence League and the British National Party have their say, then all reasonably intelligent people can see them for the morons they are. If you believe their garbage then you're probably beyond the reach of reasoned debate anyway.

    As a law-abiding citizen (except for when I'm trying to park my car, obviously) I have no problem with CCTV on our streets. They were used recently to convict a cop of assaulting a guy leading to his death. If they help convict muggers, car thieves and terrorists then the more the merrier.

    All the best for the New Year to everyone across the pond btw.

    1. totally agree with you on the extremist group part...but the CCTV...i don't get it. it doesn't prevent deaths or injuries and it sometimes doesn't even lead to convictions. at best it makes crimes easier to solve but crime persists and it creeps me out to know that i'm under watch at all times when i'm on the street.

      maybe i'm being "sensitive" but it smacks of police state tactics and i already feel that my government has gone too far. one of the many reasons i'll never go to new york city again is because its so controlled. but different strokes for different folks. and thats a good thing. if i don't like it, i don't have to go and if i don't like it then i definitely don't have to go there.

  5. I take your point about "big brother is watching" cctv. On the other hand we were up in arms (figuratively speaking!) in this country at the suggestion that we would all have to carry ID cards - something I think you routinely do in the US? As you say, different strokes...

  6. Come to Australia. All of you. Come here and see for yourselves. We have rules and laws to PROTECT THE GUILTY.

    As long as the perpetrator "shows remorse", the court will let you off. It doesn't matter if your action has cost the life or someone else's limb. As long as the perpetrator "shows remorese", you're off the hook. Whether or not your "remorse" is genuine or not. You're off the hook.

    People who are very good at this are our prolific drunk drivers. Their license have been suspended for years and they are still caught driving and DRUNK behind the wheel. No one gets thrown in court for serial offenders. All you have to tell the court is "I have work and my family depends on MY INCOME" and you can be set free.

    1. Can a bring my Ruger SR556, S&W M&P 45, Remington 870… Didn't think so.

  7. You guys must be crazy.
    there is only one question from this article.


    1. I'm guessing they call her a nickname..........................Tits.

  8. I think it's funny that this has maintained a spot on the popular posts for so long. It's been months now.

  9. I tell you what Sol, you're right about the UK being involved in all sorts of black ops. We have our finger in numerous little pies all over the place! Still, it keeps all kinds of scally-wags busy and off the streets!

  10. I had a really good comment...but seeing blond at the top of the page erased all rational thought...I'll be in my bunk.

  11. lol~ one question....who is that girl??!!! xDDD


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