Monday, January 09, 2012

Bell Helicopter makes an idiot move.

How stupid can a company be?

One of your products that's sold to the US Marine Corps is highlighted in a very popular game.

Instead of saying "glory...glory..glory" and pass the beer, they instead launch a law suit and demand that the game remove the depiction from the video game.

Read the insanity here.

Army NG leads half the way.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry Regiment, Arizona Army National Guard, participate in wartime operation exercises at the Florence Military Reservation, Jan. 7.
This soldier is halfway there.

Camo firearm.  Check.

Camo mags.   Check.

Black slings and other gear.  Big no-go.

Someday, somehow, you'll see the Infantry Branch of the US Army and Marine Corps get the brilliant idea to outlaw black equipment and accessories.

Until then we have effective camouflage that's defeated by our weapons and accessories.

The GCV is dead. Long live the Bradley Family of Vehicles?

The Army is facing a reduction in manpower and since the justification for a Ground Combat Vehicle(GCV) was always weak sauce, it looks like BAE is properly positioned to capitalize on this by moving forward with the Bradley Family of Vehicles.

Looks like upgrades instead of new builds will be the order of the day for Ground Vehicles and Ground Forces.

Informative video but they glossed over the General Purpose Carrier.  I'm digging for more info now.