Monday, February 13, 2012

Too funny.

Grilled Cobra? Yum yum!

I prefer mine with fried bananas but to each his own.

SOCOM makes a power grab.

McRaven wants to not only be head of SOCOM but also seeks to be a "SUPER" combatant commander.  I can't imagine this going over well in the Pentagon but hey...Obama likes SEALs, and he's (McRaven)  striking (making his power play) at the height of SEAL popularity (with Act of Valor coming out and the string of high publicity missions).

The top U.S. special operations officer, who oversaw the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, is seeking new authority to move his forces faster and outside of normal Pentagon deployment channels, The New York Times reported Monday.
The newspaper said Adm. William McRaven, who leads the Special Operations Command, is pushing for a larger role for his elite units who have traditionally operated in the dark corners of U.S. foreign policy.
The plan would give him more autonomy to position his forces and their war-fighting equipment where intelligence and global events indicate they are most needed, the report said.
It would also allow the special operations forces to expand their presence in regions where they have not operated in large numbers for the past decade, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the paper noted.
The Times said that similar plans in the past had foundered because of opposition from regional commanders and the State Department.
The military's regional combatant commanders have feared a decrease of their authority, and some ambassadors in crisis zones have voiced concerns that commandos may carry out missions that are perceived to tread on a host country's sovereignty, the paper said.

Bold Alligator is a wrap.

Bold Alligator is finished.

What will be interesting is to read the lessons learned.  Areas for improvement, additional training, etc...When I get my hands on the official de-brief so will you.