Thursday, February 23, 2012

The helicopter that's done it all finally retires.

If you had to pick one maritime helicopter that had been there and done that...

A helicopter that has been a crucial part of Marine Aviation in the 20th century...

A helicopter that was multi-role and multi-mission before it was cool...then you would have to pick the CH-53D.  When first deployed it had speed and agility and lifting power that was unheard of in the Western World.

The Marine Corps has finally retired this war bird.

The Marine Corps retired the CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter during a “sundown ceremony” Feb. 10 at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The Sea Stallion’s last mission is currently underway with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363 supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The helicopter will be flown from Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay to its final destination at the Pacific Aviation Museum, where it will be displayed.

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