Monday, January 21, 2013

Bisping gets demolished.

I hate Bisping but I don't like the way Dana has been making him wait for a title shot.

Now he goes back down to the bottom of the list.  Belfort demolished him.  He seemed tentative the entire fight and he just seemed off the moment he walked into the ring.

Prediction for an upcoming fight.  Rampage gets hammered and begs to stay in the UFC so he doesn't retire a loser.


  1. I like how Belfort gets more muscular the older he gets. He's as clean as Lance Armstrong's syringe.

    1. yeah he was yoked up. Bisping talked about that before the fight too but the thing that gets me is that it was NOT a muscle win. he used great form on that kick and Bisping stood like a statue. i just don't get it. Bisping was off.

      but you're right. he juicing like there is no tomorrow.


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