Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Consider this your Warning Order...action on General Dynamics Marine Personnel Carrier Tests.

NOTE:  All information contained in this brief is considered Eyes Only.  Do not duplicate!  Do not distribute!  Criminal and Civil Penalties apply! (just joking...)

(1)General Dynamics is moving to test its "Top Secret" Marine Personnel Carrier.
(2)Allied Bloggers and Traditional News Media.
(3)The above images serve as all available intel regarding the testing site.  More info will be forthcoming.
You are to seek entry onto the test site without being detected and to photograph and make notes of the vehicles performance in the water and on land.
You are granted wide lattitude in how you conduct this mission. If you are captured (read that arrested) SNAFU! will disavow any knowledge of you or your mission.
(D)Service Support.
None.  You are on your own.
Consider this a mission from the halls of Valhalla.  Good luck.

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