Sunday, February 17, 2013

Want to learn knife defense? Listen to the Europe and Australia.

NOTE:  I don't know how many people are into MMA, firearms, self defense, lifting and the shooting sports.  Quite honestly in my opinion it all goes together...especially if you have an interest in military matters.  For those that are interested read on.  For those that aren't go on to the next post.

I picked this vid because the guy was talking about tactics instead of giving a quick one or two choreographed best case possible scenarios against an unmotivated attacker.

Every class I've been to stresses a couple of things.  First is to EXPECT to get cut.  Second is to give up your arms but protect your head, neck and core as much as possible.  Third, you will be attacked from ambush.

Another thing I liked about this video is the opening sequence where they show an attacker attempting to inflict maximum damage in minimum time.  Not hating on OPSGEAR...they're doing a service by giving out tips and tricks.  But compare their video to the one above.

Again, not hating but it leaves out...

* How dynamic an assault will be...

* How it will come seemingly out of no where...

* How injury is a given...many times to both the attacked (by the attacker) and the attacked (because his hand slips and he cuts himself in addition to any damage caused by the person in defense)

* How you're more likely to face multiple attackers due to the physicality required to conduct a successful knife attack.

Knife culture is here and its only going to get worse...especially in states that ban handguns.  Get ready for the possibilities.  Get off your ass, get in shape, get training and get more training.


  1. I have attended several presentations by Rory A. Miller over the years at writer's conferences to show what violence is really like.

    He has several videos showing dozens of knife wounds occurring in less than five seconds (don't blink), along with the graphic results.

    t is better to avoid than to run; better to run than to de-escalate; better to de-escalate than to fight; better to fight than to die. The very essence of self-defense is a thin list of things that might get you out alive when you are already screwed.- From “Meditations on Violence”

    1. i'm gonna check out that link but we agree 100% but think about how many people that walk around life not switched on. head either down or on a phone or playing grab ass instead of being aware of their surroundings. same applies to people in cars much less crowds. quite honestly the attraction of malls is beyond me but that seems a prime area to just get messed up

    2. Sol,

      Rory is a rather interesting fellow. And what he says and teaches, tracks. I don't want to start a tirade apropos US instructors when you can reach them better than I, but since the cat's out... Yes, check Rory.

      Ferran, BCN.

      [Disclaimer: We've been friends for some years]

    3. hey Ferran. you know me. i'm not shy about thumping on my chest and saying the US is number one, but when it comes to knife defense or tactics we're waaaay behind the curve. when it comes to firearms, we're a world leader both in military, police and civilian use but this coming knife culture is going to catch a bunch of people unaware. quite honestly i won't be surprised when the first law enforcement officer is killed in a knife attack....and it won't be his fault because they've become tech dependent. either firearms or tasers but what happens when its a straight assault? the 21 foot rule applies to tasers too. we've got a trainwreck coming. something tells me your boy Rory is about to become a millionaire teaching classes in the US.

    4. He doesn't as much teach classes on knife defence as he teaches on violence and ways to deliver force and ways to delve into yourself to reach for better force[*]. It's a bit hard to describe, but he has a way to cut down to the bone. And what he teaches does not depend on what kind of close quarters weapon your attacker has (among other things, you're likely to see it too late and it's damn difficult to prepare against each single weapon).

      Mind you, I've seen him reduce a class of MMA-type guys to silence with a string of videos (including Dpy. Dinkheller's).

      The 21 foot rule applies to anything that has to be pointed and triggered vs. anything that is, basically, touch. And hope it doesn't have reach.

      And, anyhow, having (even carrying) a weapon and going through a basic course sort of guarantees you won't shoot yourself. It doesn't follow that you'll be able to use well it in an emergency. Or at all.

      I still think it's more of a "worldview". My standard pack carries three easily identifiable "weapons", some less so. One of them is legally defined, the rest aren't. My favourite is still a flashlight. Or even the pack itself. I don't know if it was in vogue in your time in the USMC, but... "One mind, many weapons". To me, this means that the real weapon is one. The rest simply allow you different applications of force and are more or less adequate for the moment.

      Rambling off.

      Take care.

      [*] What he calls "totems". It's in several of his books, but what he's saying is that we _already_ know how to move effectively. It's a matter of doing it without wanting to use something else. "Totems" are a way to trick our conscious mind. Sort of. If I teach you a martial art for a couple of years, it's likely you'll fight worse with that MA than if I tell you "Imagine you're water, put on the totem mask" and attack.


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