Thursday, June 04, 2015

SOCOM's playing a weird game. Has Jade Helm 15 already started?

Hat tip to SHTF Plan.

This has gone from a lie, the talking point that the military needs to conduct exercises in civilian areas to be prepared for overseas work, to where I'm beginning to wonder if something a bit more sinister is going on.

A no notice exercise in Flint, Michigan and obviously city officials didn't tell residents?  No politician is jaded (pun intended) enough to do such a thing without putting out notices to the voters.  So I'm guessing they were asked NOT to disclose it.

I don't think this is a prelude to martial law.  I think we're seeing a PSYOPS exercise to test public reaction.  Gauge social media.  Monitor forums and news sites to examine what is being said and how to combat the nay-sayers.  I believe the public is being used to develop that Human Terrain concept the Army and DoD is so wedded to.

Of course I could easily be wrong.

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