Friday, July 17, 2015

Chest rigs are slowly but surely migrating back to the old LBE...

via Soldier Systems.
During this week’s Friday Focus, we are sharing a new FirstSpear product, just released during Warrior East. Designed primarily for jungle operations, the JOKER is a patrol rig intended specifically to work in conjunction with the FS MIKE Force Pack. Although the intended use was initially jungle, JOKER would make a great primary load carriage rig across the board. It offers a great deal of adjustment and can be worn alone, or over low bulk armor carriers like Slick, Deceptor NOC or similar from other manufacturers.
Story and more pics here.

FirstSpear is one of those companies that is usually ahead of where the rest of the industry is going, which makes this interesting.

They can call it a chest rig all they want but my eyes are seeing a migration back to an LBE type setup.  Its a 21st century LBE, but that design has more in common with it than with what we know as a chest rig these days.

Which begs the question why?

My belief is that chest rigs might work well for rebels/insurgents that carry little gear but US infantry...even light infantry...isn't light.

Expect to see more "21st century LBE's" to be hitting the market soon.  Chest rigs MIGHT have been an evolutionary dead end.

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