Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chinese Bison (Zubr) Landing Craft in action....via Defence Blog.

More here.

This is just as I imagined.  The Chinese MLP along with the ZUBR landing craft forming an adhoc LST to put heavy armor ashore rapidly.  You see three Chinese MLP's show up .... and if they're able to perfect a type of seabase where they're able to transfer vehicles from transports to the ZUBR's ....then future USMC Company Landing Teams are flying into the jaws of hell.

Sidenote:  China is starting to build these in house.  I patiently await modifications to them.  Could we even see them enlarged?  Also, can anyone identify the tank in the pic?  It doesn't look like a Type 99 and I'm wondering if its the new Light Tank they've put into service.

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