Sunday, July 19, 2015

I can't wait for Germany to suffer a catastrophic terror attack...UPDATE & CLARIFICATION!

That headline was provocative wasn't it.

Let me explain before you go high and to the right.

I watched the vid and it seemed like a celebration of German military technological might.  I think it could actually be stated that the German Puma is the most advanced tracked infantry fighting vehicle in production.

Maybe even the best...meaning best balanced...fighting vehicle.

But the Germans have a problem.  They have an extremely passive foreign policy.  They have trouble selling military hardware to friends much less frenemies.

So what would happen if they suffered a catastrophic terrorist attack?  Would they awaken from their slumber?  Would the people demand blood for blood?

At some point political correctness will be rejected by the body politic of Europe..and since I see Germany as being the foundation of the weak response by Europe to Islamic radicalism, it begs the question.

Would a German 9/11 make them wake up and smell the Jihad?

I need to point something out.  NO!!!  I do not want to see the German people suffer.  I have no desire to see anyone killed or injured.  I do however view this "spate of terrorism" as more than that.  I think there are many leaders that view this as simply a minor flare up.  I see it differently.  I personally believe that this is a fight for the very survival of our nation.  Look at how much we've changed our society to make up for the lack of a strong, forceful response to the barbarity that is being pushed upon us.  NSA mass spying?  Air travel that is such a pain (and that isn't even talking about cattle car seating) that its to be avoided?  Cameras dotting every street? The terrorists are winning because we continue to take half measures to confront them.  It can't be the US alone in this fight.  We need our allies on board.  We need China and Russia on board!  This is a fight that should be uniting civil society against barbarians...instead we have the cultural elite telling us that we should be more understanding.

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