Saturday, July 04, 2015

Is this the F-35's tipping point?

Are we finally seeing the tipping point for the F-35?

Is the news media, prodded by David Axe over at War is Boring Blog, finally going to do their jobs?

I don't know but check out these articles....
Jack of All Trades, Master Of None: F-35 Lightning II Clobbered By 70s Era F-16 In DogfightHot Hardware
Report: High-priced F-35 outgunned in the sky during air combat testStars and Stripes
F-35 Lightning stealth fighter comes up short In dogfight against ageing F-16 Fighting FalconInternational Business Times UK
The F-35 can't outmaneuver a plane it is meant to replaceBusiness Insider
The Air Force's trillion-dollar jet lost a dogfight to an aircraft from the 1970sWe Are The Mighty
New report claims F-35 outclassed by 40 year-old F-16, government disagreesExtremeTech
Old F-16 vs. next-generation F-35: Guess who wins?Komando
Pentagon say reason most expensive fighter jet ever the F35 lost a dogfight with an F16 from 40 ...Daily Mail
Leaked Dogfight Test Reveals That F-35 Jet Is In 'Very Big Trouble'Huffington Post Canada
Note that this is just from my news crawler for this afternoon.  Its set to run 3 times a day.

Critical mass?  Don't know.  Is the media finally paying attention?  Hell yeah! 

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