Friday, July 17, 2015

Since when do the "protectors" need protecting?

Gunny Slater had just finished PT, changed over and was starting his day.  He ran the Victorville, CA recruiting office and life was good.  He made mission, none of his recruiters had impregnated one of the female recruits and  the long hours, putting up with idiots that didn't have the balls to be Marines but still needed to be treated like they did and the crazy Mom's that were losing their minds because little Timmy finally wanted to be a man had paid off....he had been selected to be a 1st Sgt in his beloved Corps.

While drinking his morning brew, he observed a bearded man walk by his door several times...

No problem but noted.

Then the unthinkable happened.  The jackass actually walked to his truck, brought out an AK-47 and opened up.

Jimmy Jihad didn't realize...or maybe he did...that he was engaging a combat seasoned US Marine.  He thought that because recruiting offices didn't have firearms that he was safe to carry out this attack.

Jimmy Jihad was wrong.  Gunny Slater had been briefed by Recruiting Command on the latest to come down the pike.  Since the attack in TN, all recruiters were issued Colt SubCompact Weapons.

What was once a soft target was now a properly equipped US Marine Corps installation.

Jimmy never even got a chance to finish the Akbar in the Allahu Akbar war cry.

That is how this story should end every time from this moment on.  Instead we have US ARMY jackasses commenting on a Marine tragedy.  Check this out from NBC News.
Gen. Ray Odierno told reporters that the military will review security at those facilities. But he said that recruiters are not armed because of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement.


Self defense is not a law enforcement act, therefore it does not violate the Posse Comitatus Act!  Additionally if you can trust these men with millions of dollars of government equipment.  If you can trust them to pull the trigger overseas then you can trust them to defend themselves.

The facts are stark.

Homegrown terrorists, acting on behalf of ISIS (or other groups) are attacking our military members on home soil.

But this idea of providing SECURITY for trained warriors?  Protecting the protectors?  Really?  Seriously? At what point does it become the responsibility of trained individuals to protect themselves?

Are we really that big a nanny state now?

General Odierno is wrong, should stop parroting the administration line, stay in his fucking lane and let the USMC/Dept of the Navy speak on this subject.

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