Saturday, July 11, 2015

"The Walking Dead" works because it admits that people are the real monsters...

First check out the vid and this short write up by IO9.

They're missing the point and ignoring what I think is both the appeal and the lesson from this fictional story.

Rick Grimes isn't becoming a monster.  Humanity is the monster.

Everyone knows it, but few admit it.  There are cases where people have been so conditioned that they submit even in the face of violence, but that isn't our natural state.

We fight.

If we're defending ourselves, our family or our ideals we can be rabid.

All of which brings me to my point and why I thought it necessary to comment on this fictional story on the blog.  Have you noticed how popular zombie movies are?  In the gun community zombie is a politically correct replacement for people.

The nation is and has been on edge for years.  Those that seek "normalcy" will ignore the obvious, but facts are facts...even when they're unpleasant.

So when you settle down to watch the "Walking Dead" this fall, remember, its only popular because people think that the world is in chaos and as far fetched as zombies are...rampaging humans are a distinct possibility.

Train up, Gear up and Stock up.  Some fiction can become painful reality.

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