Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We were all focused on Greece...meanwhile China is about to take the world economy down.

Thanks to Joe for the link!

via Bloomberg View.
Singapore is the closest thing Asia has to an economic barometer. Its highly open, trade-reliant economy usually signals when trouble is approaching the global stage. And at the moment, Singapore is flashing clear warning signs.
The city-state's gross domestic product plunged 4.6 percent last quarter, a downturn almost certainly triggered by China. Singapore's plight may mark a dangerous inflection point not just for Asia, but for the entire global economy.
So lets see.

We lifted sanctions off Iran, a known sponsor of terrorism, but they remain for Russia.  Meanwhile everyone is ignoring the economy killing Chinese woes and the US/Europe continue to stagger along.

Poor economic conditions at home HAVE continuously been a source for leaders to invent outside threats to attack to rally their citizens.

If you thought things were a little less dangerous because of the questionable Iranian nuke deal then you're wrong.

People are being dazzled by bullshit while the world teeters.

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