Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When do you say enough with the work arounds?

Pacific Command released the above photo of MV-22's getting ready to take off and I was wondering what the hell are all those yellow shirts huddled around?

Missed it?  Check out the pic below...

There it is again but highlighted.

Its a deck plate to protect the deck.  Personally I thought that the issue with the MV-22 over heating decks had been positively solved...but to see another work around?  Just wow.  I did a little digging and NAVAIR has some pics (below)...

What I'm curious about is how this system works in high seas or bad many sailors are diverted to take care of this task....if it slows down the tempo of operations.

I use this to point out a larger issue with the F-35.

We shouldn't be fooled.  The current testing is a pencil whip affair.  The outcome is already determined and they will declare IOC for the F-35.  But how many more workarounds can we accept from supposedly high tech gear?

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