Sunday, August 09, 2015

A terrible day in the US Navy's surface fleet...via Naval History.

via Naval History Facebook Page  #‎OTD‬ in 1942, a Japanese force runs through the Allied forces guarding Savo Sound, sinking three American heavy cruisers, USS Quincy (CA 39), USS Vincennes (CA 44), and USS Astoria (CA 34), along with other damaged Allied vessels. As a result of the loss, the sound gains the nickname, Iron Bottom Sound.‪#‎HistoryMatters‬

USS Vincennes in Hawaiian waters, Jul. 8, 1942.

USS Quincy underway during the later 1930's.

USS Vincennes making 22.03 knots during trials off Rockland, Maine, Jan. 12, 1937.

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