Friday, August 28, 2015

Call for info! Dimensions on the Oshkosh JLTV.

The JLTV is a side project for the US Army but because of the USMC concepts of operations, it's quite consequential.

A bigger utility vehicle means added weight and space considerations aboard ship.  Space on an amphib is finite.  It can only carry so much weight.  So a JLTV that is bigger than a HUMVEE and weighs more too is not to be taken lightly.

Having said all that, me and Bryan haven't been able to find definitive specs on an outfitted JLTV.  Dimensions aren't readily available online and neither is its weight with a nominal loadout for combat missions.

If your Google-foo is strong and you can find it then please send it my way!  I have a guy that has several decades experience that will do a fictional loadout on a San Antonio Class to see how this will affect our Marine Expeditionary Units.

Oh and sidenote.  If you think I'm smoking crack when I'm pushing the weight and size angle then check out the pic below.

The days of carrying 12 utility vehicles ashore in one lift with an LCAC are over with this vehicle.

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