Monday, August 17, 2015

Evolving BACK to LBE's!

photo via Defense Matters Tumblr Page...

Was doing my nightly internet sweep and ran across the above pic.  Amazing isn't it?  LBE's got dumped for Chest Rigs...Chest Rigs were found to be unnecessarily cumbersome for many missions so we saw Battle Belts come into existence.  Battle Belts got loaded up with gear so we're seeing "suspension systems" being used to better carry the weight (getting it off the hips) which in many cases means adding suspenders (as you see above) which in essence means we're back to LBE's!

The gun community and those that call themselves gunfighters need to learn the difference between fads, trends and reinventing the wheel.

Battle Belts as currently designed fit into the fad category.  When you see belts carrying a couple of rifle mags, a couple of pistol mags, a utility tool, a fighting/general purpose knife and a dump pouch then you're either looking at an overloaded belt or you need a modern day LBE made with improved materials.

The second that a manufacturer realizes the obvious and dumps the fad that is battle belts and instead gives us a modern day LBE is the day they get money thrown at them and probably contracts from SOCOM and the Marine Corps.

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