Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Modern Policing Conundrum...they're no good in the woods...

via Chron.com
— A man suspected of killing a retired dentist, taking three men hostage and wounding two deputies was likely traveling a section of the famed Pacific Crest Trail to elude searchers during an 18-day manhunt, authorities said. Investigators believe 34-year-old Benjamin Peter Ashley was headed back to the trail when he was confronted and shot by deputies Saturday behind a mini-mart in Inyokern, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. An autopsy performed Monday determined Ashley's death to be a homicide because two of the wounds inflicted by officers were fatal. Youngblood said the autopsy also found that a self-inflicted wound was fatal. The full report hasn't been completed and more details were pending. Asked about a motive for the crime spree, Youngblood said, "the mindset of this man we'll never know."

Interesting.  Has anyone noticed a recurring theme when it comes to successfully evading police?

The cops are no good in the woods.

From the escaped prisoners in New York, to the guy that went on a cop killing rampage in California, to the unabomber and now this guy.

For some reason law enforcement has tremendous issues operating outside of any urban area...and alot of times the only way suspects are caught is when they take the risk of heading into town.

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